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Empire Carpet – The Bissell Sweeper

Way back in 1983, this commercial appeared on TV. It featured the Empire Man using the Bissell Sweeper that Empire was giving away with every two rooms of carpeting installed. The same exceptional qualities that make Empire Carpet the best … Continue reading

Empire Carpet – 5 Years!

Produced and shown in 1984, this charming video starts out with the Empire Man resting comfortably on an upper shelf in the warehouse. He is with a couple of sample Bissell carpet sweepers. He announces that he’s been telling the … Continue reading

Empire Carpet – Special Purchase (1985)

The commercial begins with a wide-angle view of many rolls of carpeting sitting on warehouse shelving. This 1985 commercial offered a great perspective of the huge inventory purchased for this latest, greatest sale. The great aspects of Empire’s benefits were … Continue reading

Empire Carpet – Dont You Want New Carpet Under Your Christmas Tree

This commercial was first shown in 1984 during the Christmas holiday season. It outlined the exciting benefits of ordering carpeting for the home in time for the holidays. Empire offered delivery and installation within 72 hours. Prices started at $6.95 … Continue reading

Empire Carpet – If You Like Slow Turtles Go With Another Carpet Company

A mid-1980s commercial, this delightful Empire commercial added a whimsical touch to the message. Slow Sam the Turtle was used to graphically illustrate the slowness of other companies in delivering and installing carpets. Even when using humor to illustrate a … Continue reading

Empire Today – Is Time Running Out On You?

A succinct, informative commercial, this message from the Empire man presented all the facts and benefits of Empire Carpet. Unlike competitors, Empire didn’t need to rely on loud music and craziness. Staid and respectful of the viewing audience’s intelligence, the … Continue reading

Empire Carpet – The Empire Way

Another honest commercial from Empire Carpet with the Empire Man, this one acknowledged that just about all carpet companies carry the same product brands. The big difference with Empire is that they delivered the next day. Plus, customers didn’t need … Continue reading

Empire Carpet – 1981 Stay Warm And Call Empire Commercial

This early 1981 Empire commercial stressed one of the best features of Empire: they came to the customer and delivered their quality carpeting in just a few days. The convenience of staying home, saving gas money and simply making a … Continue reading

Empire Carpet – Pick A Carpet, Any Carpet

A 1984 commercial from the earlier days of Empire Carpet, this one played on the classic request: “Pick a card, any card.” The clever reference was to the viewer’s options to pay with the three main credit cards or even … Continue reading

Empire Carpet – Warehouse Fork Lift

This Empire Carpet Commercial Classic aired in the mid 1980′s and features the Empire Carpet Man. In it he tells you about all the great carpet products that were offered back in that day. At the end the Carpet man … Continue reading