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Empire Flooring Commercial: Chest

The following commercial from the 1980′s shows The Empire Carpet man sporting a T-shirt with the Empire Slogan “Empire Today, Carpet Tomorrow”.

Empire Flooring Commercial: Parrot

In this commercial from the 1980′s The Empire Carpet Man is joined by Albert The Parrot who can’t believe that Empire delivers carpet in just one day!

Empire Flooring (Empire Carpet) Commercial – Don’t Do That!

Why order any where else? In this classic commercial from The 1980′s The Empire Carpet Man gives you three good reasons for ordering from Empire Carpet. Carpet from $6.95 a yard installed, No installment payments for 90 days plus Delivery … Continue reading

Empire Flooring (Empire Carpet) Commercial – Park Place

One of the earlier Empire Carpet commercial spots The Empire Carpet Man promises you affordable carpet regardless of you living on Park Place or Baltic Avenue. This commercial also features a rare and seldom heard version of the classic 588-2300 … Continue reading

Empire Carpet – Newspaper Commercial

Put down the paper and reach for the phone, Empire Carpet delivers in 72 hours!

Empire Flooring Video

Appearing in the rafters of the Empire Carpet warehouse The Empire Carpet Man speaks to the benefits of ordering Carpet directly from your home. Why visit a showroom when you can see Empire Carpet right in your own home?

Classic Empire Carpet Commercial – On The Verge

This vintage 1980′s commercial featured a signature of Empire Advertising during the 1980′s, Carpet starting at $6.95 a ard and a free gift with any order.

Empire Flooring Commercial – Them and Us

This Television commercial from the 1980′s features The Empire Carpet Man contrasting and comparing the differences between Empire Carpet and the competition.

Empire Carpet Commercial – Come On! This is the 1980′s!

In this popular spot from the Early 1980′s The Empire Carpet Man Demonstrates the Old Way of buying carpet and wasting your time and The New 1980′s way of buying carpet from Empire.

Empire Carpet Commercial – Free Ski Cap & Phone

Empire Today over the years have given away several free promotional items with orders of Empire Carpet. In this commercial The Empire Carpet Man offered a Free Ski Cap and Push Button Telephone with your order.