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Funny Empire Carpet Commercial

This funny Empire Carpet Commercial aired in the 1980′s that does not feature the singing of the famous 588-2300 jingle.

Empire Flooring Commercial – Exploding Prices

Empire’s Dynamite Carpet Sale was a promotion that ran during the mid 1980′s knocking Empire’s low price of $6.95 a yard all the way back to the 1979 price of $5.95 a yard.

Empire Today / Empire Carpet Commercial – You’re What?

A signature part of the Empire Today experience is the in home shopping experience. This commercial featured an ongoing promotion offering a free rug shampooer with any order.

Empire Today Classic Commercial

This vintage Empire Today commercial features The iconic Empire Carpet Man character as portrayed by Lynn Hauldren.

Empire Carpet Holiday Commercial from the Past

This Empire Carpet Holiday commercial aired in 1986 featured The Empire Carpet Man swearing that if Empire is not able to install your carpet next day he would not do another commercial.

Empire Flooring Carpet Commercial

Airing in 1989 this Empire Carpet Commercial spoke to the advantages of choosing Empire Flooring. Installation starting at $8.95 a yard and famous name brands in stock.

Empire Carpet Commerical – T-Shirt

In one of the earlier Empire Carpet Television Promotions The Empire Carpet Man promoted Empire Today’s give a way of a free T-Shirt with any estimate.

Empire Carpet Commercial – Wheel of Fortune

This commercial a spoof on Wheel of Fortune featured The Empire Carpet Man and The slogan “Empire Today, Carpet Tomorrow”

Empire Flooring Commercial – Parrot

This spot was a part of a short series of commercials in the the 1980′s featuring The Empire Carpet Man appearing alongside a parrot by the name of Albert.

Empire Flooring Commercial – Convenience

The Empire Carpet Man (Lynn Hauldren) talks about the convince of shopping with Empire Today.