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Entire Warehouse Full Of Stainmaster Carpet

“Stainmaster Carpet & Empire has an entire warehouse full so you can get yours in just 1 day!” This commercial aired in the mid 70′s featuring The Empire Carpet Man (Lynn Hauldren).

Empire Today – We Mark It Down & Sell It Fast | Empire Carpet TV

“Look at all this brand new Stain Resistant Carpet, All we can do is mark it down and sell it fast!” This commercial first aired in the mid 1980′s. It features the longtime spokes person for Empire Today, The Empire … Continue reading

Choose It Where You Use It

This Classic Commercial Short Features The Empire Carpet Man (Lynn Hauldren) giving some great Empire Today advice. “Don’t go out to the store to get carpet, Choose it where you Use it. Right there in your home.”

Remember 3 Things About Empire Today

Remember 3 things about Empire; Carpet Next Day, Payment Next Year and 588-2300 EMPIRE!” This commercial featuring the Empire Carpet Man (Lynn Hauldren) aired in the early 1980′s.

Now Isn’t That Some Beautiful Carpeting

This commercial featuring great new carpeting, great prices and professional installation is one of the first Empire Today Aired featuring the Empire Carpet Man. It aired in the early 1970′s and (Lynn Hauldren) The Empire Carpet Man never looked back.

Stop Looking At Your TV, Call Empire Today

“Okay, stop looking at your TV for a second and look down. Do you really like what you see there? Call Empire Today.” This commercial featuring the Empire Carpet Man aired in the mid 1980′s.

Three Good Reasons To Call Empire Today

Empire Today aired this commercial with the Empire Carpet Man in 1987. “Here are three good reasons to call Empire Today; Brand Names, Delivery Next Day and No Payments Until Next Year!”.

Need Carpet & You’re Squeezed for Cash

Empire Today aired this commercial in the late 80′s. Lynn Hauldren (the Empire Carpet Man) states “Need new carpet and your squeezed for cash, Empire gives you 60 days to make your first payment.”

Empire Carpet – Free Credit For 6 Months

This commercial of the Empire Carpet Man aired in the late 80′s. “Free credit for 6 months and no installment payments for 90 days!”.

Your Peace Of Mind Starts Tomorrow

When empire today delivers your new Dupont Stainmaster Carpet, your peace of mind starts tomorrow. This commercial aired in the late 1980′s featuring the Empire Carpet Man (Lynn Hauldren).