Empire Carpet – No Payment Until 1987

This short commercial aired in 1986, Promoting no payments until 1987. To Learn more about Empire Today’s Chicago roots visit Empire Carpet Chicago.

Empire Carpet Tomorrow

This short commercial spot airing in the 1980′s featured Empire’s promise of Empire Today, Carpeting Tomorrow.

Empire Carpet – No Payments Until 1987

Airing during the holidays in the 1986 this funny commercial advertised Empire Carpet offering no payments until 1987.

Empire Carpet – Empire Today, Carpeting Tomorrow

This classic Empire Carpet Commercial airing in the 1980′s featured The Empire Carpet Man promoting Empire Carpets One Day Delivery and Installation.

Empire Carpet Commercial – From $6.95 A Yard

Airing in the 1980′s this short commercial for Empire Carpet (Now Empire Today) featured a promotion advertising carpet from $6.95 a yard with Padding.

Empire Carpet Commercial – Warehouse Sale

Airing in the late 1980′s this commercial featured the Empire Carpet Man promoting the sale of stain resistant carpeting starting at $8.95 a yard installed.

Empire Carpet Commercial – Small Prices

This short clip for Empire Carpet aired in the 1980′s. This clip featured Empire Carpet starting at $6.95 a yard.

Empire Flooring Commercial – one of the first ones!

This classic commercial airing in the late 1970′s was one of the very first commercials for Empire Today featuring the classic Empire Carpet Man character.

Empire Carpet Commercial – Good Carpeting At a Fair Price

This commercial from the early 1980′s featured an early version of the signature 588-2300 jingle.

Empire Carpet Video – Hours

This commercial from the mid 1980′s aired in the Chicago Area and featured the Empire Carpet Man promoting 90 days with no payments.