Warehouse Expansion Sale

“We’ve got a real problem here at Empire, we’ve got to knock out some walls to expand our warehouse.” Empire Today aired this commercial in the mid 90′s bringing you up to speed on the first ever Empire Today “Warehouse … Continue reading

2 Ways To Shop For Carpeting

Go to the showroom, get the salesperson to match the correct color for your carpet and drapes, then go home and wait days and days for them to come and measure. OR you can call Empire Today and and get … Continue reading

Reverse Footage For Stainsafe Carpet

This reverse footage commercial of a glass spilling on stainsafe carpet aired in the mid 80′s. “When its done you can’t undo it, Or Can You? Try Stainsafe carpet from Empire”.

Stainsafe Carpet In Just One Day!

“Only one company delivers Stainsafe carpeting in one day”. This commercial featuring the Lynn Hauldren the Empire Carpet Man aired in the late 80′s.

There’s Power In This Number “588-2300 Empire”

Empire Today aired this commercial of the Empire Carpet Man in the late 80′s that quotes one catchy slogan. ‘Thinking of brand name carpet in just one day? Think of this number “588-2300″ and this name “Empire”‘.

Empire Carpet – The Terrific Stainsafe Carpet

This classic commercial with the Empire Carpet Man brings you up to speed on the latest and greatest, “Stainsafe Carpet”.

Empire Carpet – Call Today – You’ve Got Nothing To Lose

Empire Today aired this commercial with the Empire Carpet Man in the mid 1980′s. “Hey, before you go out and shop for new carpet why don’t you call us at Empire, you’ve got nothing to lose.” Call Today and Delivery … Continue reading

Empire Today – Carpet Tomorrow – Guaranteed

This short commercial aired in the 1980′s, Where Lynn (the Empire Carpet Man) Guarantees if you call Empire Today you get Carpet Tomorrow.

Empire Carpet- $6.95 A Yard

This commercial aired in the early 1980′s featuring The Empire Carpet Man. “You Can Get New Empire Today Carpeting For Only $6.95 A Yard!”  

Empire Today – Free Ski Cap

Before expanding nationally and becoming Empire Today, Empire Carpet was a regional favorite in the Chicago area. Anyone who has been in a Chicago winter knows how cold it can get. However in the 1980′s the Empire Carpet Man had … Continue reading